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 Research Articles 

Pasternak Z., Pietrokovski S., Rotem O., Gophna U., Lurie-Weinberger M.N., Jurkevitch E. (2013). By their genes ye shall know them: genomic signatures of predatory bacteria. ISME J. 7(4):756-69. 

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Naor, A., Yair, Y., and Gophna, U. (2013) A halocin-H4 mutant Haloferax mediterranei strain retains the ability to inhibit growth of other halophilic archaea. Extremophiles. 17: 973-979.

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Goldberg E., Amir I., Zafran M., Gophna U., Samra Z., Pitlik S., and Bishara J. (accepted) The correlation between Clostridium difficile infection and human gut concentrations of Bacteroidetes phylum and clostridial species. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

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Eilam, O. Zarecki, R., Oberhardt, M.A.,  Ursel, L.K., Kupiec, M., Knight, R., S., Gophna, U., Ruppin, E.(2014). Glycan Degradation (GlyDeR) analysis predicts mammalian gut microbiota abundance and host diet-specific adaptations. mBIO 5 (4), e01526-14.


Pelchovich, G., Nadejda, S., Dana, A., Tuller, T., Bravo, I.G., and Gophna, U. (2014) Ribosomal mutations affecting the translation of genes that use non-optimal codons. FEBS Journal 281 (16), 3701-3718.


Zarecki, R., Oberhardt, M.A.,  Reshef, L.,  Gophna, U., Ruppin, E. (2014) A Novel Nutritional Predictor Links Microbial Fastidiousness with Lowered Ubiquity, Growth Rate, and Cooperativeness. PLoS computational biology 10 (7), e1003726.


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Oberhardt, M.A., Zarecki, R., Reshef, L., Xia, F., Duran-Frigola, M., Schreiber, R., Henry, C.S., Ben-Tal, N., Dwyer, D.J*., Gophna, U*., and Ruppin, E* (2016). Systems-wide prediction of enzyme promiscuity reveals a new underground alternative route for pyridoxal 5’-phosphate production in E. coli. PLoS Computational Biology 12(1):e1004705.


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Artieri, C.G., Naor, A., Turgeman-Grott, I., Zhou, Y., York, R., Gophna, U., Fraser H.B. (2017) Cis-regulatory evolution in prokaryotes revealed by interspecific archaeal hybrids. Scientific Reports 7(1):3986.


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Shulman A., Yair Y., Biran D., Sura T., Otto A., Gophna U., Becher D., Hecker M., Ron E.Z.. (2018). The Escherichia coli Type III Secretion System 2 Has a Global Effect on Cell Surface. MBio. 2018 3;9(4). pii: e01070-18.


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Kolodny O., Weinberg M., Reshef L., Harten L., Hefetz A., Gophna U., Feldman M.W., Yovel Y. Coordinated change at the colony level in fruit bat fur microbiomes through time. Nature Ecology and Evolution. 2019 Jan;3(1):116-124. Featured in Nature’s Research Highlights and Nature Ecology and Evolution News and Views.


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